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    With a tight focus on the heart, blood, and blood vessels, this level-3 reader helps “early fluent” readers understand these essential elements of the human body. Pettiford concisely identifies the circulatory system, explains how it works, and discusses why it is important. The book is heavy on specialized vocabulary, which is bolded in the text and defined in a glossary. A mix of photos and simple, bright diagrams appear on nearly every page and directly support the text. An activity about counting your pulse before and after exercise ties in nicely with the book’s concepts. Overall, the clarity and focus of this book (part of the Your Body Systems series, 6 titles) make it an appealing and helpful source of basic information about the human circulatory system. 


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    Sedimentary rocks may not be as flashy as gemstones, but that doesn’t mean they’re not fascinating. After all, there would be no Grand Canyon and very few fossils without them! A quick explanation of what these rocks are—“bits of mud, sand, minerals, and sediments”—also encompasses how they are identified. Next come the three main types of sedimentary rock (clastic, chemical, and organic) and the environmental conditions that produce them. This book is packed with breathtaking photos of sedimentary rock formations from around the world, as well as “Sedimentary Rock Profiles” that visually compile a rock’s stats, like hardness and composition. Infographics and diagrams detail the rock cycle and how chemical and organic sedimentary rocks form. An informative, approachable volume from the Rocks & Minerals series (6 titles).